2019 Toyota Highlander vs. 2019 Honda Pilot: What’s Better?

Both the Honda and the Toyota equally function as Wonderful Minivan Alternatives for families who must haul plenty of passengers and freight.

The Highlander can be obtained as a hybrid vehicle. However, the Pilot is Perhaps not.

For households that desire or desire over five chairs, a large, A 3-row Crossover such as the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot are great options. They provide ample space for both passengers and freight and certainly will transfer your household safely and safely. Their versatility makes them perfect for whatever from errands around the town to cross country excursions or anything else between.

Let us Look at the way the 2019 Highlander vs 2019 pilot head to head and also the 20-19 Honda Pilot compare, and that will be way better.

20-19 Toyota Highlander vs. 20-19 Honda Pilot exterior



The Outside of the Pilot and the Highlander are equally quite Modern while keeping a classic boxy SUV profile. They could be obtained with a blacked out grille offering them alike an even rugged decorative while still appearing elegant.

Looks far better compared to another. Which option is much better appearing is your decision.

20-19 Toyota Highlander vs. 20-19 Honda Pilot interior


The Pilot and the Highlander equally have chairs for around Eight individuals; however, they also both have pretty packed with three men and women in the row. They are both available with second-row bucket chairs which makes the next row a lot easier to get access.

The Highlander, however, it is quite comfortable for kids in large spaces. If you feel that’ll use the next row for adults with any regularity, a minivan remains the best course of action.

These crossovers have much space for passengers and Freight. However, the Pilot can be only a very little roomier for freight and also for third-row passengers.

20-19 Toyota Highlander vs. 20-19 Honda Pilot mechanicals


The Honda has just one V 6 engine accessible as the Highlander Is available using a 4-cylinder, either a V6 or perhaps a hybrid possibility.

20-19 Toyota Highlander Engines

mpg hwy

20-19 Honda Pilot Engine

mpg hwy

The Highlander has a more significant number under the hood Compared to Pilot. However, the only motor at the Honda can be an excellent one. But, with all the V6 from the Highlander with only a bit more power and marginally better fuel market, Toyota has a small advantage on the Honda.

The 4-cylinder from the Highlander is just accessible on the Base trimming, and we’d highly advise upgrading into the v 6, particularly if you are thinking about doing any towing. The hybrid vehicle is also still an attractive option, too, which is the one which won’t cost you much extra, which we’ll get into shortly.

As you might anticipate, the two SUVs come standard with. Front-wheel driveway and can be obtained with the electric street. AWD is a great improvement for anybody living in snowy ponds for additional grip once the trail conditions have bad.

Mechanically, the Highlander defeats the Pilot as a Result of its Variety, and it is own stronger,

more successful v 6.

20-19 Toyota Highlander vs. 20-19 Honda Pilot technology


The Pilot obtained a Small Face Lift to get 20-19, and a part of this Comprises some fantastic technology features. Probably one of the most noteworthy upgrades is ordinary Honda Sensing on every trimming. Honda Sensing can be a security technology package which features collision reduction braking, road death reduction, adaptive cruise control and lane storing assistance. Watch the 20-19 Honda Pilot versions available near you personally

Honda Sensing Resembles this Toyota Safety Sense P TSS-P has all which Honda Sensing has the help of automatic high beams.

6.1-in Entune audio-system plus it’s upgradable into an 8-in unit using Sirius-XM. Besides, it can be obtained with satellite navigation along with JBL premium sound, but jelqing, neither Android Auto nor even Apple CarPlay can be found on any trimming of this Highlander. Watch the 20-19 Toyota Highlander versions available near you personally

The 20-19 Pilot Includes an 8-in Info-tainment program on Every trimming except that the base LX version that features a 5-in unit. The 8-in system is sold with both Android Vehicle and Apple CarPlay, and it is a tremendous advantage over Toyota when those connectivity features are crucial for you personally.

The Security technician credentials of this Pilot and also the Highlander Are quite similar. However, access to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are a huge benefit for its Honda.

20-19 Toyota Highlander vs. 20-19 Honda Pilot pricing


Replies for all these two modern household SUVs is virtually identical. But it’s well worth noting that probably the cheapest V6 Highlander is 33,380.

For the two, you can work your way upward throughout the 30k range Upgrading to high cuts and incorporating options into the top $40k range at the very best trims such as the Magnetic Elite and the Highlander Limited.

The cheapest Highlander hybrid vehicle you can get would be your Whether that price hop is well worth it is dependent upon what significant for you personally the hybrids efficacy is. Based on the number of miles you put onto it, the cost difference may finally pay for itself in fuel savings.

2019 Toyota Highlander vs. 2019 Honda Pilot conclusions


In many ways, this race is still really a close call. However, we favor the Honda Pilot within the Toyota Highlander. We believe inside space is significant in Third-row to ensure it is only a tad bit more family friendly. We also Want to possess Android. Auto and Apple CarPlay being broadly on the Pilot rather than accessible at All On the Highlander is just one deciding factor, particularly for more tech-conscious drivers. The Pilot cannot fit the efficacy of a Highlander hybrid vehicle, however, we think it may be at the Toyota online value. Locate a Toyota Highlander On the market or Locate a Honda Pilot available on the market.