How a visit to Leh-Ladakh changed your daily life?

ladakh trip is one of the places around which most of us think it As fantasy destination as our school/college time. Same was right with me. Throughout the third year of my technology 2012 I left want to see but thanks to a few reasons it didn’t happen. Fourth-year moved in Placement/Job activities.


After becoming a job in 2013, I presumed will it be possible For me to go there today? Because it requires leaves for few days like 9–10 days when I am going from the road. I made a few ladakh trip to different areas after getting the job but was not sure of becoming 9–10 days left out of my office to go to ladakh trip. One day in August 2014, I asked for leave to visit Ladakh. Next was to share with my parents in my plan. Their initial reaction is why I am going around and wasting money. They were concerned about my safety as it’s much better. I told them this is a thing I like and I want it to take place, it’s my attention which has evolved over the years and doesn’t want to regret later on by not moving today. Finally, they understood and agreed, but with one condition I will not move independently. I spoke with one of my college friends. He was ready to go with me. After that, I started to plan matters just like what has to be purchased and where I need to go to Ladakh. On September 30th, 2014, I left for Ladakh from Delhi.

There are a few points which I want to share. I recognized these Things throughout or following my visit to Ladakh-

• There are n number of reasons that may prevent you from achieving your aims but always remember that your own will power as well as your dedication towards your objective is to Main and rest other things/problems are all secondary.

• Apart from career, you have to give yourself for the situations you want. Most folks leave our interests believing they can’t be fulfilled full scale. But to own something is far better than to hold nothing/regret in the end.

• Memories/experiences have much more values sometimes about money. A disappointment of never doing something at a particular time, later in the life cannot be cleared by cash.

• It wasn’t my first trip, I had gone to a lot of treks and places in the previous years, but for this, I was waiting as I wished to do it. This trip made me aware of the culture and geography of the area.

After my excursion to ladakh trip in 2014, I visited there again in 2015 and 2016. I am going to go back for sure in the coming years to learn more.