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Since she’s Kree too – which is an enormous twist on why Carol became a superhero at the first location.

Although it’s been, shifted around several times in the comics, there has always been one consistency regarding how Carol became imbued with the powers of the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell – it had been an accident. But now, that doesn’t seem like it was the case.


If her mom was Kree all combined, then Carol’s always been a Human-Kree hybrid. She would continuously have developed superpowers – it is just that perhaps the experience with all the psyche-magnetron gave exactly what was within Carol a hereditary kickstart. But being superhuman, becoming the hero she’s today, was it down to destiny, instead of luck in the wake of a random mishap?

There is much more to Carol’s narrative that we have yet to learn. There continue to be two problems with The Life of Captain Marvel left, but it seems just like the existence of Captain Marvel’s mother has gotten equally as intriguing as Carol’s herself.

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