The Ultimate Guide How To Meet & Date Peruvian Women In 2019

Dating Peruvian Girls And Women – My 3 Month Journey in Peru!

Latin America – the home to some of the hottest and the most beautiful chicks and girls in the world. With nations such as Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, etc. packing with them such a large number of gorgeous, hot, sexy, beautiful girls that their beauty can’t be just put down in mere words.

But of all these nations, there is one country that is highly underrated for the beauty and galore of its women — a small nation named Buscar pareja en peru{Dating in Peru}.

They may not be as hot and pretty as they say Brazilian or Colombian counterparts, but Peruvian girls and women are very quickly on an average a seven out of 10. While a lot of them are beautiful and pretty, some of the Peruvian babes can be hot and intimidating as well that can leave you drooling over them.

If one knows how to look and act accordingly, there are a plethora of drop dead and stunning Peruvian chicks waiting to be discovered.

Dating Culture in Peru – Understanding Peruvian Girls

There exist a lot of hype, myths, and misconceptions about the choices of a Peruvian lady. Not to say that those are complete fiction stories.

Yes, there exists some degree of truth to them, but not to the levels at which the world believes them to be; the myth being that Peru girls are for oriented towards gringos and white foreigners.

But with culture and tradition close to their hearts, a Peruvian beauty will always choose the guy that they find suitable for themselves. Being “exotic” does get you some extra attention from them, but not to levels where they will be just all over you without bunting an eye.


The personality of a Peruvian babe can be described as lovely girls with pretty faces who are extremely fun-loving chicas with a pleasant attitude and behavior to top it off.

However, if you want a woman who takes care of you all day, cooks dinner, has sex, and puts the same on repeat the very next day, then you should better back away and probably walk away before doing anything or making a move on any Peruvian woman.

Because the truth is, they won’t do it and will probably never even agree to it, merely because they are very liberal in their mindsets and pretty easy-to-go.

A carefree attitude would be the best word to tag them with.

Hook-ups or relationships?

With western culture having influenced the country already, casual hookups and one-night stands are okay quite a lot of them, but relationships and commitment are fields that they do not like to take casually at all.

For any Peruvian girl, relationships are something to be taken seriously wherein they shower their partner with the purest form of love and loyalty one can dare find in the world. If you are dating a one with all intentions of marrying the Peruvian woman, then you are about to become a fortunate man.

Language barrier – Do Peruvian girls speak English?

I was astonished by how good most Peruvian women spoke English. Especially in large cities, it seemed that especially the younger generation could speak English fluently.

The official language is Spanish – but even with a few sentences, you can get very far. I do remember one girl telling me I sounded very cute trying to pronounce some local dish.

Well.. well. Well.. my Scottish accent combined with some Spanish words is incredibly sexy for the local girls!

Thankfully, in most social gatherings there is little talking and more drinking and dancing. And an excellent slow dance or an upbeat Salsa tune with a stunning Peruvian lady is a universal language all people can I understand!